The school community of St Joseph’s endeavours to articulate and model a process of Pastoral Care in keeping with the Gospel values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. We work towards a school where all participants take responsibility for their own behaviour rather than re-locating blame or outside fault finding.

We work towards interdependence, dreaming of a place where we can trust and rely on each other to build positive relationships and support each other’s strengths and insecurities. We are determined to teach and model the dignity and uniqueness of the individual, made in the image of God.

We recognise that Pastoral Care is entrusted to all members of the school community and reflects the values of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, reconciliation and justice; seeing these as strengths. We believe that family is the foundation of student's values and behaviours and so, we encourage close home/school communication and consultation. Our school vision statement reflects that we aim to be Christ centred and thus value the uniqueness of each member of our community.


The school community aims to develop in its members a sense of self worth, accountability and responsibility by:

  • Developing and supporting quality relationships
  • Incorporating formation in self discipline
  • Building a Christian climate from which emanate an environment of trust, forgiveness, and the acceptance of others
  • Promoting a positive work ethic; that work is always useful and effort and positive feelings go together
  • Looking for the good in those in our community
  • Encouraging an awareness of the importance of evaluating one’s own behaviour
  • Sometimes focusing on negative aspects of one’s personal behaviour in order for better choices
  • Seeking out and supporting those ‘at risk’ in our school (students, staff, families)
  • Supporting children and their families during times of change and/or grief
  • Working through a process with regard to misbehaviour, bullying, attention seeking, anxiety
  • Seeking support from CSO Guidance and Counselling or other external agencies when required
  • Clearly adhering to the concept of procedural fairness when dealing with serious inappropriate behaviour (suspension/expulsion)