Sporting pursuits play a fundamental role in producing balanced, well-rounded students. Such pursuits teach students to appreciate hard work and training, commitment to a team, sportsmanship and dedication to fair play.

Each week the students participate in 1-hour of formal sport which is conducted by the class teacher and at times specialists in the field. Programs in sport include gymnastics, swimming instruction, cricket, tennis, rugby league, soccer, touch and league tag coaches also visit the school to conduct workshops.

Students compete in a range of individual and team sports including, Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming and Horse Sports. The pathway for students wishing to compete at a higher level is: School, Regional, Diocesan, Polding and PSSA. Students are given the opportunity to try out for sports even if they are not played at school level, through Regional and Diocesan selection trials. These sports include football (all codes), tennis, hockey, soccer and cricket to name a few.

Locally run Rugby League and Netball inter-school competitions are also enjoyed by students from St Joseph’s Denman. We have many talented sportspeople in these fields.

Horse sports carnivals give students the opportunity to participate in individual and team horse events where they have the opportunity to compete and display their riding skills to the wider community. The school offers its team of riders the opportunity to compete in three horse sport carnivals per year.