St Joseph’s Primary School, Denman is built on land traditionally owned by the Wanaruah people.

The school has its roots in the traditions of the Sisters of St Joseph who began education in the Denman area in the small town of Wybong in the early 1900’s. The school was later moved to its current location where it is able to meet the needs of a wider section of the community. St Mary of the Cross (MacKillop), one of the founders of the Sisters of St Joseph’s has had a lasting influence on the culture of the school in its awareness of social justice issues and an active role in the missionary work of serving those in need. Examples of this include our Mini Vinnies group, Mission Days and Meals on Wheels.

Over recent years, the facilities of the school have been continuously improved to ensure that St Joseph’s is able to meet the educational needs of the current generation of students.

Location/Drawing Area

St Joseph’s Primary School is located on the Golden Highway in Denman. Our students come from the Denman, Martindale, Sandy Hollow, Bureen and Jerrys Plains regions. St Joseph’s is one of 46 Catholic primary schools in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese under the management of the Catholic Schools Office.