St Joseph’s Primary School, Denman is on a visible journey to improve wellbeing for its whole school community.

“According to two decades of research, a student who has high levels of wellbeing is also likely to have”, among others things, “optimism for the future and higher academic performance” (Waters, 2017).

Three years ago, this journey was boosted by the entry onto the wellbeing scene by the “Where There’s a Will” Foundation, an organisation which works with schools and communities to improve mental health and wellbeing in the Upper Hunter.

All teachers at St Joseph's have now completed two years of Visible Wellbeing training to gain the knowledge and understanding of the SEARCH framework and strategies that will enable us to teach your children about wellbeing and to create a positive school environment that supports flourishing for all. The SEARCH framework consists of: 

S- Strengths 

E- Emotional Management 

A- Attention & Awareness 

R- Relationships 

C- Coping 

H- Habits & Goals